March 21, 2014: Weekly Roundup for Big Data in Medical Science


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This week, Apple is rumored to enter the healthcare market, medical conspiracy theories without any data, Google wants your DNA sequences in the cloud for scientific discovery but didn’t get the flu predictions right, CMS proposes releasing more Medicare Part D data for research, and 2014: year of the wearable device?


Bits and Bytes


Upcoming Events

Link When What Where
MIWC 2014 April 28-29, 2014 Medical Informatics World Conference Boston, MA
BDM 2014 May 21-23 2014  Big Data in Biomedicine Conference Stanford, CA
ASE BDS 2014 May 27-31, 2014  Second ASE International Conference on Big Data Science and Computing Stanford, CA
HCI-KDD@AMT 2014 August 11, 2014  Special Session on Advanced Methods in Interactive Data Mining for Personalized Medicine Warsaw, Poland
BigR&I 2014 August 27-29, 2014  International Symposium on Big Data Research and Innovation Barcelona, Spain
ICHI 2014 September 15-17, 2014  IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics Verona, Italy
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